Your Name Review


Makoto Shinkai has come into the limelight lately being hailed as the “New Miyazaki.”  Though I feel like the similarities between the two are few and far between, one similarity between the two is their ability to bring out emotions from a person.  Continue reading “Your Name Review”


Uta no Prince Sama Season 4

Alright, season 4 of Uta No Prince Sama ended yesterday and I am just waiting for family to show up, so I have time to kill. So, since I already did a mid-season review of this show, I am just going over my thoughts.  Some of the things I say here I might have already said in my previous review, so check that out. Okay, let’s get started! Continue reading “Uta no Prince Sama Season 4”

Amnesia Review

Amnesia is my least favorite reverse harem anime and least favorite anime in general. I’ll explain why. Let me start by explaining the plot, or the most generic thing you have ever seen in your life. A girl gets amnesia; big shock, I mean it is the name of the title, and a little elf…. Spirit…. Thing is floating around her saying how it accidentally knocked her memory (how do you do that? Knock a memory that’s just…. Ugh!), Continue reading “Amnesia Review”

Orange Review

Orange is a romance anime about a highschool girl named Naho who receives a letter from herself, ten years in the future. The letter tells her of many regrets that she has and wants her past self to fix. Orange is a roller coaster of emotions that goes into the topics of regret, depression, and suicide as Naho and her friends try to save their depressed friend Kakeru. Orange breaks the stereotypical walls of any mainstream romance anime by touching new and deep subjects. It gives a new perspective on depression and the friends who try to help. It shows the struggle that those with depression face every day and the struggle of friends who try to find the right words to say to their loved ones. With relatable characters and situations, Orange can move anyone to tears. The idea of Orange was beautifully executed and teaches that everyone should truly live every day to the fullest and know that someone out there truly does love and care for them and will be there for them through the worst and best of times. I truly do recommend this anime to everyone. I hope you watch it and enjoy it as much as I did.

VP Troy Smith

Uta no Prince-Sama Season 4 Review

Hello! So this is my first time writing a blog for the BWHS Anime Club, so I hope that whoever reads this enjoys. I will most likely be talking about reverse harem animes because I typically watch those. Also, I like to spoil…. a lot, so if you don’t want me to spoil, then don’t read this. So I will be talking about Uta No Prince Sama season four and what my thoughts on it are so far. Continue reading “Uta no Prince-Sama Season 4 Review”