President Nico Nico Nii’s Top 5 Anime List

It’s been really hard for me to write blog posts lately.  I already had 3 blogs I was writing before I ultimately scrapped them.  I scrapped them not because I think that they were bad subjects or anything like that, I scrapped them because I felt annoyed by it.  There was just this irking feeling about some of the rough draft blogs I wrote, and I really don’t know why.  At the same time, it came into my mind that I should actually post things on my blog, because there really hasn’t been anything posted for a long time, and that is frustrating. Continue reading “President Nico Nico Nii’s Top 5 Anime List”


Anime Fall 2016 List

As another season comes and goes, I start to realize a worrying trend with what I watch. I will only either stick to some sort of Shonen (like One Punch Man or My Hero Academia) or I will stick to anything Love Live. There was a point where I didn’t watch any shows but Love Live Sunshine! Even though I was watching stuff like Orange and Sweetness and Lightning, I eventually stopped watching them, but I still watched Love Live; I found that kind of funny. Continue reading “Anime Fall 2016 List”