The Reformation

Hi guys, sorry it took a while to create this blog post, but I have been thinking and planning the blog lately, in fact I am still filming for the first video of the Anime Monogatari YouTube channel. Let’s just say I planned to release this post the Tuesday after Chinese New Year so it sounds like I’m actually prepared. Either way, after much planning, I am here to unveil everything about the future of Anime Monogatari.


Let’s first talk about the YouTube channel that has been basically useless for a while.  I have been wondering what to do with the channel, so I was planning out on how I want to do things with it.  So for the style of this YouTube channel, it would have highly edited content, with a mixture of analysis and comedy. It would require a lot more research and more abstract thoughts.  The shows that would be included would be Reviews, Thoughts on (insert anime), On (insert topic).  More shows may come as the channel becomes more stabilized. Videos will be uploaded once a month hopefully starting with one I am creating right now.  I cannot embed the video so it looks like I have to just post a link whenever new videos or up, or you can subscribe so you can catch up


Next on to the blog itself.  I have decided to remove submissions because I am making the blog completely mine for the most part. Karteek and I will be writing from the blog from now on, though I am not completely sure on how often he can right, so it might be a rare thing but it might also be something that blog posts will be updated twice a month instead. At the moment I am trying to fix the website so that there is a better way to look at old posts.  Because of this, I am no longer using the tag system and instead I’m trying to go for a more date based system instead.  This will stay super serious and less comedic and more ramble-y than the videos because I just write whatever comes to mind.  Hopefully I write every Tuesday and Karteek writes every Thursday.


So I hope within the week I will be able to finish the video and post it which will mark the start of the new year for our blog, hopefully more productive than the last.  I hope that school does not interfere too much with this blog, as I still love writing blog posts. Here is hoping for a great year!


-Alec Espino


The End of an Era

And now, the end is near    -Frank Sinatra

Hello again, I haven’t been writing as much again, but I swear that all will change.  Actually, that’s a lie, I did write a blog post but it had nothing to do with anime, it was more focused on MAGFest so I decided to not post that.  Either way, a big change has occurred recently that affects this blog in a major way. On January 23, 2017 I have officially shut down my Anime Club that I have been running for around two years at this point.  Continue reading “The End of an Era”

Love Live and the Two-Sided Christmas


I’m writing this while the first snow is falling.  It reminds me that the holiday season is upon us.  I really don’t like winter; dry air, cold temperatures, and overall miserable environment sucks, especially when you have eczema.  The dry air makes my dry skin even worse, and it’s awful.  However, I love the holiday season. I think the only reason why the holiday season exists, with all its jolliness and joy, is to combat the fact that winter is awful.  Anyways, being the Love Live trash I am, I’m writing a Love Live oriented Christmas post.  Continue reading “Love Live and the Two-Sided Christmas”

Double Feature: Wolf Girl Review and Live Action Analysis

Wolf Girl and Black Prince is a wonderful romantic comedy that will never fail to entertain you. Wolf Girl and Black Prince is about Erika, a freshman in high school, desperate to fit into a clique. She lies about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of a random man claiming that he is her lover. Continue reading “Double Feature: Wolf Girl Review and Live Action Analysis”

Worldbuilding in Anime

Worldbuilding is the creation of the setting; it’s being able to dive in to a fictional world and fleshing it out, making it immersive. Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki have mastered this art, their able to create worlds not settings, movies that strike a balance between realism and fantasy not just pictures. To animate is to bring something to life and world building is essential in ensuring that happens. Continue reading “Worldbuilding in Anime”

Mental Diseases in Anime

So I am finally going to rant about a subject that I said I would talk about, bipolar characters in anime, or just characters with mental illnesses in general. First, let’s start off with addressing the two mental illnesses that show up in anime, bipolar and multiple personality disorder.Bipolar disorder, according to Wikipedia, is a mental disorder characterized by periods of elevated mood and periods of depression. Symptoms include being depressed, impaired memory, mood swings etc. Another mental illness I want to discuss is multiple personality disorder. Multiple personality disorder is, according to Wikipedia, the presence of two or more distinct or split identities or personality states that continually have power over the person’s behavior. The personalities have different ages, personalities, race etc. and the switching of personalities can happen within seconds, to minutes, to days. Continue reading “Mental Diseases in Anime”

Katsucon 2017 Writeup

So Katsucon ended yesterday and I wanted to do a writeup on my first ever convention.  In short, it felt completely different from what I was used to, as if I was transported to a new world for those 2 days I was there, it was a mesmerizing and amazing experience. If you want to see all the pictures we took during the event, click here. Continue reading “Katsucon 2017 Writeup”

Fruits Basket Manga vs Anime Comparison

Hello humans of 2017! First writing to submit to the blog for 2017, so why not do something involving the animals of the New Year? Fruits Basket! What I am going to be doing for this is comparing the Fruits Basket manga and anime. So duh there may or may not be spoilers. You have been warned humans! Now, without further ado, let’s get started! Continue reading “Fruits Basket Manga vs Anime Comparison”