Double Feature: Wolf Girl Review and Live Action Analysis

Wolf Girl and Black Prince is a wonderful romantic comedy that will never fail to entertain you. Wolf Girl and Black Prince is about Erika, a freshman in high school, desperate to fit into a clique. She lies about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of a random man claiming that he is her lover. Unfortunately this random man is the high school prince. I won’t spoil too much about what happens next, but the events that unfold are hilarious. Watch as Erika falls in love with this seemingly good-hearted “prince” as their adventure unfolds. This light-hearted, enjoyable anime will make you want to come back for more! I Enjoyed this anime so much I had to watch it twice and it still had me in tears (from laughing too much!)! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

              – Vice President Troy S. Smith

There are a lot of live action movies coming out recently and I just wanted to talk about that for a minute. Now live action remakes have been happening for a while, with multiple versions of things like Cinderella and Peter Pan, but it’s starting to become quite frequent, especially with Disney and a couple of anime movies. With recent trailers for live action movies coming out like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Death Note, and so forth I thought it would be best to talk about everyone’s favorite question with these types of movies. “Why?”


The easiest answer to that question is ‘money’.  People love to make money and when they can make it without actually putting effort into making new material of course they would put all of their money into remaking something. Another reason could be that someone actually wants to make changes from what the original did. For example, let’s say that there is going to be a live action Howl’s Moving Castle. Someone may want to change the movie to make it seem more like the book and explain plot holes that the original movie has. The last reason I can possibly think of for wanting to make a live action movie out of something that is already fine is because the person who wants to create a newer version of something is a fan of it. An example being Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man, who wanted to make a live action movie of the anime Robotech, in which he would star along with Leonardo DiCaprio, but the rights to Robotech were then bought by Sony and the movie hasn’t been talked about since 2013.


Now it is completely apparent that some of these movies could make the mark. For example the live action trailer for Full Metal Alchemist didn’t look that bad and I think that even with the small bit of white washing, that may or may not be in the movie, Ghost in the Shell does look pretty well put together. I mean, I’m sure people would prefer them to not be remaking what’s already good, but look on the bright side; it’s not the live action Death Note or Attack on Titan. Okay bye.