Katsucon 2017 Writeup

So Katsucon ended yesterday and I wanted to do a writeup on my first ever convention.  In short, it felt completely different from what I was used to, as if I was transported to a new world for those 2 days I was there, it was a mesmerizing and amazing experience. If you want to see all the pictures we took during the event, click here.

As I said earlier, this year’s Katsucon was the first convention I have ever been to, so everything felt new to me as soon as I entered the door.  Everyone was in different cosplays, to the point that it feels weird not to be in costume. I felt like I was missing out because I wasn’t in any sort of costume.  I hung out with Vince and a couple of other friends and we switched between the merchant halls and the game room.  Though I didn’t spend a lot of money on the first day, the merchant hall was filled with different vendors selling manga, figures, nesoberi, and other things.  It was huge and I felt overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that was being sold.  After a few hours browsing the merchant’s hall we went to the game room that was located upstairs.  It was really loud and they had games like Touhou, Smash, Project Diva, and DDR, with signups for tournaments.  I personally tried out the pachinko machine and was mesmerized by it.  I played a bunch of other rhythm games before we left.  Even though we spent a lot of time in the game room and merchant’s hall, most of our time was spent going around and looking at a bunch of cosplays;  Everyone looked so amazing and it looks like a lot of work was put into the cosplays.  We just hung out at the balcony and just looked at people’s cosplays. Even though that was all that we did before we went to lunch, it was really enjoyable, and the cosplayers were all very nice and accommodating.  After we went out to lunch, we went back to the merchant’s hall and met up with another good friend of ours before our entire group had to leave.  I then hung out with the other friend before we decided to go home.

The next day, although shorter, felt more fulfilling.  Vince couldn’t go for this day, so I hung out with my other group of friends who were all in college.  We started the day by waiting in line to get autographs from Jamie Marchi and Chris Ayres.  Chris did Freiza and Jamie did a bunch of stuff, but I asked her to sign as Mari from Love Live Sunshine.  We then went to the Merchant’s hall where I browsed and bought a bunch of stuff, like Weis Scharz cards and a T-Shirt with Nebby on it; I also bought a Rowlet plushie but I lost it.  At 12:30 I ditched my group to go to the fan Love Live concert that was being held at the main hall. It was amazing to watch people so dedicated to the show to the point where they would pretend to be idols and dance on stage. The Group was called µnite and they danced the same way the idols did in the show, even showing an original dance. There were people in the front with the glow sticks doing all the chants, people holding signs up, and people cheering and clapping all around.  I was in the back talking to people around me, and we all enjoyed the concert, cheering encore at the very end.  I had a really big grin on my face the whole time I was watching the concert, it was a lot of fun.  I then went out to meet with my group for lunch, we then just walked around because the closing ceremony just finished and everyone was leaving.  I walked with my group and we said our final goodbyes with hugs going around and farewells were being said.  I then just walked around the halls checking out the balcony and just watching everyone leave; the end of Katsucon was a bittersweet experience.

Even though I just told you about what I did during Katsucon, what I didn’t mention was all the little things that made the convention a lot of fun.  There were a lot of Team Skull cosplayers just dancing around, a big Snorlax cosplay, and a bunch of cosplayers just hanging out and taking photos.  There were just so many things that happened that were so insignificant, but added up made for an amazing experience.  This was my first convention that I have ever went to, and I don’t want this to be my last, I want to keep on going to these things because it is so much fun.  It’s not just the Voice Actors you meet, the panels you go to, the things you buy, or the cosplayers you see, it’s the experience of how big a fandom really is.  I saw so many cosplayers from different anime, games, and movies, and I saw how big of a fan people were for different shows, to me that’s what made Katsucon so much fun.  For me it was just being with a bunch of people with the same interest as you, just hanging out and having a great time, I wouldn’t pass up going to another one.

As for what I regret during this convention, there was a few things that I wish I have done.  I wish I actually cosplayed, there were so many cosplayers there that it felt odd not to be in one, to the point where my dad told me do dress up for next year.  I also wished that I went to more panels, I only went to one and it was more of a concert, I couldn’t go to the Closing Ceremony because I was eating lunch during that time.  I wish I talked to more people at the convention, everyone seems really nice and I bet I could’ve made friends there I just talked to people.

Going to Katsucon this year was a lot of fun and I’m excited to go to more conventions.  To anyone reading who hasn’t gone, I implore you to go because it’s really enjoyable and I feel like no matter what you are into, there is something for you.  I was smiling throughout the entire convention and words can’t aptly describe how much I had fun at the convention, so to Katsucon, goodbye, until next year.

-President Nico Nico Nii