Fruits Basket Manga vs Anime Comparison

Hello humans of 2017! First writing to submit to the blog for 2017, so why not do something involving the animals of the New Year? Fruits Basket! What I am going to be doing for this is comparing the Fruits Basket manga and anime. So duh there may or may not be spoilers. You have been warned humans! Now, without further ado, let’s get started!


The story, basically, stays exactly the same in the manga and anime, but the anime doesn’t finish it the whole way through. The story follows our main heroine, Tohru Honda, who stumbles across the house of a guy from her school. After the guy, Yuki, and his family member, Shigure, find out she has been living in a tent by herself on their family property, they allow her to live with them. Everything is fine until another family member, Kyo, bursts through the ceiling. Tohru accidently hugs him, revealing the members of the Sohma house turn into the Chinese Zodiac animals when embraced by the opposite gender. The story continues from there with more characters being introduced, talking about the curse, and the “god.” Now the manga ends on a good note with everything getting resolved and the curse being gone, but in the anime it’s stopped at a break through point in the manga, involving Kyo and Tohru. Really wish the anime finished all the way, but I guess they had a restriction on episodes and no one requested for a second season. Oh, well.


Characters! Again, their personalities don’t really change. There are a lot less characters in the anime since they stopped at a point where no characters needed to be added in the manga, but some of the actions changed. Mostly with Shigure, I don’t know if it’s just me, but Shigure seemed a lot more caring in the anime. Probably to fit the ending of the manga, which involves Tohru actually meeting the Sohma family “god”, which never happens in the anime. Anyways, in the manga while he was caring, he was much more mysterious and I mean a lot more. Hiding behind a happy smile and a couple of jokes, but he always had a plan or some thought in the back of his mind, trying to keep something hidden. That’s what I think is likable about his character. Everyone else seems to be in character if you don’t look at the chapters after when Kyo’s master comes to visit the Sohma house.


Things I think the manga did better than the anime are almost everything. It has more drama than the anime because it was allowed to finish and end while the anime stops about midway. It makes the characters more developed and everything else seem to have a lot more weight. What I like about the anime is the voice acting; English and Japanese. They bring the characters alive, and they got some good voice acting talent for the English like Laura Bailey as Tohru and Eric Vale as Yuki Sohma. The things both the anime and manga do well is keeping their stories coherent. With the anime cutting the story short and changing the ending to make it all fit they did a good job to add anything extra from the manga that segued into something that wasn’t solved. The manga has so many characters and sometimes it can be hard to give all the characters development if there are too many. Everything seemed to fit and move nicely according to the story. They also both convey emotion very well. For example, almost all of the scenes with Akito make you either want to kill him or sympathize with him. Even though he is one of the characters who aren’t developed in the anime, you still do feel something, good or bad, when he is there.  There is also another part of the anime and manga that makes you want to cry so much and you never end up forgetting this part, every single scene with Hatori and his Ex- girlfriend. It’s so sad because you feel so much for Hatori and what he goes through of losing someone he actually felt romantic feelings for because of what Akito made her feel, darn you Akito, you ruin everything! You get so many feels from this; I felt so much for Hatori I cried when I read the chapter. I barely cry when reading manga, but I cried and then I cried again when I watched that scene in the anime! The manga and anime convey emotion from the characters spot on!


Now this really doesn’t have anything to do with this review, but I just want to put this down. Why is Hatori a seahorse?! Hatori Sohma is the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac and when he gets hugged by the opposite gender he becomes a seahorse…………………….. WTF. I mean I’m the year of the dragon, so to think that if I actually had this curse and I would turn into a seahorse I would be very underwhelmed and unhappy. But then again I guess it’s better than having him fall out the sky from flying after he changes back into his human self so, makes a little sense I guess. But then again, he could die from lack of water because he is a seahorse and they need water. There are like two instances in the whole manga where he turns into a seahorse and he isn’t near water. The man could die! Did no one think this through?!


Alright, so at the end of all this which one do I like better? I prefer the manga. While the anime isn’t bad or anything, the manga finishes everything on a perfect note, while the anime is just kind of in a standstill and leaves people wanting a little more. Also, characters like Akito and Shigure are a lot more developed, plus the newer characters that are added bring so much more to the plot of the story. Plus, Fruits Basket was the first manga I ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart. Now, if you haven’t seen the Anime or read the Manga, you should, because they are both very good. I would read the manga first and then watch the anime, though. Alright, that’s it. Thanks for everyone who read this, and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to write a review for Yuri on Ice. Bye!