Shirayuki: Cute, yet Mature

I watch a ton of romance and shoujo shows, so I’m used to how they lay out.  The setting is usually a high school, the pacing of the show is usually really slow, and the ending of the show is usually really unsatisfying, ending on a cliffhanger, some sort of terrible resolution, or a Read-The-Manga ending.  The big sticking point for me is the fact that most of these shows take place in high school, which means all of the shows have the same problems concerning the setting. The protagonist usually has schoolwork to do, the protagonist and main love interest might go to the beach, which is a reason to show fanservice by having the girl in some sort of thin two-piece bathing suit, and the protagonist and main love interest will go to some sort of festival, which means beautiful looking yukatas with hairs tied into a bun, with a firework scene at the end.  I’m not saying that I hate all of these things, but it can get really monotonous and same-y after a while.


That’s what made Shirayuki so different.


Shirayuki didn’t take place in a high school, and the protagonist wasn’t a high schooler.  Shirayuki, instead, takes place in a fantasy kingdom and its protagonist is a competent adult.  I feel like this is the reason as to why this anime is so great; it doesn’t have any conventional themes that other romances have. I can talk about the brilliance of the setting for a while, but for now there is one thing I want to focus on: the character interactions in Shirayuki.


The biggest thing I noticed while watching Shirayuki was the fact that everyone was so mature in the show.  Everyone talks like actual adults in this show, and it shows from one of the first episodes.  In the beginning of the show, there was a conflict between Shirayuki and Prince Zen (The main love interest); the guards of the castle said that Zen didn’t want to see Shirayuki, even though he told Shirayuki that she was allowed to go into the castle.  In most anime, this would be an episode filled with a lot of misunderstanding and general awkwardness; with Shirayuki avoiding Prince Zen; but instead of that, Shirayuki said that there must be a misunderstanding and she goes directly to Prince Zen to talk to him about it; the adult thing to do.


Talking about it in this way makes the anime sound really mature and boring, but the thing about Shirayuki is that even though it is a really mature show, it is also a really cute show.  Shirayuki is a really cute character with a really pretty design, and it is explicitly stated that she is pretty because of her hair (which is red, an uncommon hair color in this show).  Shirayuki has a lot of personality and quirks to her that makes her so fun to watch; even though she is mature, she is also easily embarrassed, but will stand up for what she believes in. Shirayuki’s personality (and every character’s personality for that matter) is what makes the show for me; I love how cute Shirayuki and Zen are together, but I also love the fact that even without that, Shirayuki and Zen are both independent, and their love isn’t the main focus of the story.  Shirayuki is a herbalist who is constantly learning and making new potions and finding new research, Zen is a Prince who has to take care of a lot of paperwork and take care of his kingdom.  Both of these characters have independent lives, that is what makes them so mature, they both have different resolves and different ways to accomplish them, but at the same time, Shirayuki and Zen both build upon each other and become stronger with each other, and their interactions are really fun and cute to watch.


I really hope you will give this show to watch


-President Nico Nico Nii