Uta no Prince Sama Season 4

Alright, season 4 of Uta No Prince Sama ended yesterday and I am just waiting for family to show up, so I have time to kill. So, since I already did a mid-season review of this show, I am just going over my thoughts.  Some of the things I say here I might have already said in my previous review, so check that out. Okay, let’s get started!


Characters….. They are good. I don’t have a problem with most of the characters. Something I was annoyed with that I voiced in my mid-season review of this is the main heroine, Nanami, doesn’t do anything that forwards the plot. This season is basically focusing on the boys of Starish and Heavens. As much as I am alright with that, this is a reverse harem. There needs to be some involvement with the main heroine aside from she has to write the songs and then she is off screen for most of the whole show. Now with the boys, they get character development……… kind of. The boys from both groups play off each other a lot which is nice to see, but as far as development goes it’s mainly for the boys from Starish, especially as the duet songs are coming to a close. While the episodes try to balance it out, the balance falls as soon as we get to the final three songs, which include the original members of Heavens. There, we don’t really learn anything about Nagi, except for the fact that he is a complete brat, Kira, except for the fact he is a cop-out of Masato, or Eiichi, except for…….. No… No we don’t learn anything about him, we always knew he was odd.


Now, I don’t really like the fact the balance shifted from learning about both characters to learning more about someone we already know, although it was kind of doing that in the beginning, but I kind of liked it for the episode Nagi is in, which involves Natsuki dealing with his second personality that we haven’t seen in a whole season, so I’m glad we got that cleared up and everything. The Kira and Masato episode annoyed me because they ended up just getting a very similar backstory which………. Is so stupid! Basically, their families didn’t approve of them being idols, but Kira stood up to his family and Masato didn’t until this episode. Why couldn’t Kira’s family accept it, but have Kira still know what Masato is going through because of an older sibling or something who went to the same thing Masato did, but ended up dying without doing what they loved. I think that would have been stronger and given us a little insight on Kira while dealing with Masato’s struggle. This last one really kind of pushes my buttons, because Otoya didn’t need any character development. He didn’t need any more. His character was fine, but I guess they needed to fill up the 13 episode thing they have going so they needed to turn Otoya emo for a whole two episodes. I am not saying they weren’t a good two episodes, but they just kind of weren’t needed. Besides, it gets resolved in like a whole day in the anime. If stuff like what happened in this anime magically gets fixed in a day, then it was pointless. It didn’t even further the plot that much! It was completely pointless. Also, at the end of the final episode, they try to do a villain redemption thing with the manager of Heavens. It didn’t work for me. When you do something like that you need to have more screen time put on the character than what was given to him and a good reason for us to want him or her to be good. That wasn’t done with this character, therefore I felt nothing.


Alright, now that the characters and my small pet peeves are out the way, let’s get on with the music! I really enjoyed the music this season. It’s really good. I do have a disliking towards a couple of songs, but all in all they aren’t that bad. If you want to know my thoughts on the duet songs, I wrote about that. I don’t know when that is getting uploaded, but I know it will be up whenever someone gets the chance to upload. Anyways, right now this is about the songs that are sung during the triple S concert. I also explain this in my mid-season review, so I won’t bother explaining again. In order, I like Heavens’ song, Immortal Infernal, then Quartet Nights song, Gods Star, and last I liked Starish’s song, which I am assuming is called We Are Starish. Now all of these songs are very good, but I have to put them in order to voice my next opinion. In the end, Starish wins the battle and I call bs on it all! Okay, let me say this first. Before Heavens went on stage to perform they made a deal with Nanami that if they won, she would be their song composer.  The writers just missed a good opportunity for a season 5 opening. They should have let Heavens win and then Nanami would have to be their song composer and the whole season 5 could have been Nanami finding new things about the members of Heavens individually and then in the end there is a huge concert where the winner takes Nanami as their composer. That would have been great, instead of what they have, but that’s just me. Also, I am just nit-picking here, during the Triple S concert, Starish sang a song that was different from the ending theme song. They usually sing the ending song as their big song number in the end, so instead of that being their big winning song, they sing the ending song, Legend Star, at the very end with Heavens and Quartet Night. Which is fine, but how do they know the lyrics?! This song has never been in the show and Nanami never showed the song to anyone to write lyrics for the song. So how do they all know this song?! That’s just me being picky.


Alright! Uta No Prince Sama is over! For now anyways. Season 5 is probably going to start production during the spring, but that’s just a guess. Also, I don’t have links to the songs like I usually would; they aren’t on Youtube yet because the last episode just came out yesterday, so yeah. Anyways, bye guys!


Legend Star: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-U41YQTvGo&t=98s




~ Kaela