Amnesia Review

Amnesia is my least favorite reverse harem anime and least favorite anime in general. I’ll explain why. Let me start by explaining the plot, or the most generic thing you have ever seen in your life. A girl gets amnesia; big shock, I mean it is the name of the title, and a little elf…. Spirit…. Thing is floating around her saying how it accidentally knocked her memory (how do you do that? Knock a memory that’s just…. Ugh!), causing her to get amnesia. It is now following her around trying to help her get her memories. The only problem is that he knows nothing about her and doesn’t know any real way to help her. Oh, and did I forget to mention she is the only one who can see the spirit? ……………. It hurts explaining how much this seems like something that’s in almost every anime ever. So now, since she is trying to find out her life, she ends up getting transported to different worlds with different main guys, who she works with at a café and one of them she doesn’t work, with she just has one run in with him and then that’s it. Did I get everything? Are you a little bit confused? GREAT! Now you know how I feel watching this anime. LET’S CONTINUE! CHARACTER TIME!


The main character in this anime is………. is………….. i-is……….. I have no idea. Honest to god, I have no idea what her name is. I would look it up, but I don’t like her enough to do that. It’s such a bad sign when you have to look up a character’s name, like, really bad. Anyways, as you can tell by the lack of name memorization, this girl is a Mary Sue character with nothing interesting about her and no personality other than getting kidnapped or running for her life………. You know what, she is only good at getting kidnapped because she is so stupid that she doesn’t even run for her life in this anime! Anyways, she’s boring, no real reason to be happy for her when she lives, and no real reason to like her. The Spirit character is also boring and a little forgettable because it barely shows up to do anything useful. I can only remember its name, which is Orion. Now the only reason that’s one of the only characters names I can remember is because when I first watched this anime I couldn’t pronounce this thing’s name so I called it Oreo. So again, there isn’t much to this character who is really boring. Now what about the male leads? To this, I ask you reader…………… Who? Honestly, I forgot most of their names except for one guy. ONE GUY! They are all really boring! The only way you can even tell them apart is by color. They all wear colored clothing like one guy wears blue, another wears red etc. etc. Now there are different stories for each character, duh, so the guys whose stories I didn’t find interesting in this anime is the guy in blue, red and green with glasses, there are two characters who wear green. Their stories are the most boring even though one guy actually tries to help her figure out what’s going on. Now the two stories I found interesting are the guy who wears yellow and Ukyo’s, he wears green like the guy with glasses. Ukyo might just be the best thing in this show. I mean, he is just great! Well, one side of him is. If you can guess this, he is bi-polar, because every reverse harem needs a bi-polar character (may rant about this later), whose second personality tries to kill off the main character. He sounds too good to be true! Sadly, his character ends up dying in the end, because anime and manga creators hate characters with the name Ukyo for some reason (Seriously, first Ukyo from Sakura Hime legend of Princess Sakura and now this guy). Now the yellow guy is only interesting and memorable to me because he ends up kidnapping the main girl and he almost becomes sort of a yandere. So the ones who come close to being saving graces in the show are two guys who only get at most one episode of screen time……… Way to make the side characters more interesting than the main one, anime. Thumbs up to you. Anyways, NEXT! What I like and don’t like about this anime.


Okay, so my big problems with this anime are Oreo and the time traveling. I’ll talk about Oreo first. So, like I said earlier, Oreo is a very boring and flat character with little to no bearing on the plot whatsoever. Now, what annoys me with Oreo is as I continued to watch this anime I realized that the girl is being followed around by a flying spirit that knocked her memories or something like that, but the spirit sometimes isn’t even with her. Sometimes it’s off doing………. Something. So here’s the problem I have…. Why doesn’t it just fix her memories itself?! I mean, it can leave the girl anytime it wants; there are no rules making it stay. So why doesn’t Oreo go back and fix her memories? If Oreo knocked the memories over, can the situation be fixed by just moving it back to the way it was? Or by putting her memories back together if they were broken? That is never talked about in this anime and the whole situation could have been avoided if Oreo had just done that! Okay, next thing that bugs me is the time and/or dimension traveling. So when she first travels to a world it was when she was getting a glass of water. In the other worlds, when she travels, she is passed out and then wakes up in a new time. I wouldn’t mind the time traveling so much if I could tell where the person is, but in the end of this anime I am left confused as to who knows what. One of the last times she dimension/ time jumps she ends up back in the same spot where she got the water and time jumped the first time. Okay, so she’s back in her time, right? Wrong. Turns out that world is the world where the main guy is Ukyo. So…. What does that mean?! Does this mean that as soon as this anime started she was in a different time and just ended up there again in the end? Or was the first time she was getting water her actual universe and the second time was the universe where Ukyo is the main guy, but it wanted her to think it was her world and that the danger was over? What’s even more confusing about the worlds is that aspects of one world will sometimes show up in another world! Does that mean the worlds are connected somehow and she actually has more than one romantic partner? What? Confused…….. So…… much………. Confusion!


Now, for some good things about this anime and the only few positive things I’ll say about this anime. The voice acting is good. It matches these characters perfectly and I think that it’s great; the Japanese anyways. The English voice acting for this anime isn’t that good. They just don’t fit the characters in the show. The other good thing I will talk about is the animation. It just looks really good. The character designs are also very well done and look so good. It’s actually the only thing that is appealing about these characters. Oreo looks pretty cool and the guys look really good also, especially because of the slight ombre in their hair. It kind of makes me upset that animation this good went to an anime like this; boring and lacking of any real……… well, anything. Now, I can safely say that this is still my least favorite anime and least favorite reverse harem. And I didn’t even talk about the OVA which makes this whole series even more confusing! I probably won’t talk about it, because I will get frustrated at everything that is happening. Oke that’s the end of that! Bye!