Miraculous Ladybug

This review is about Miraculous Ladybug. Now I understand that Miraculous Ladybug isn’t an anime, it’s a French cartoon, but it was made with anime aspects and it was worked on with French and Japanese writers & animators. Now while Miraculous Ladybug is a French animated television series, it was also supposed to have a Japanese anime; that or instead of it being French animated, it was supposed to be an anime. I don’t remember to be completely honest. In this review, all I am going to do is nit-pick and point out differences between the two animated shows. I am going to go in order of animation and characters; there isn’t much to really differentiate from these because the Japanese anime only has trailers, so I am basing everything off the anime trailers and the French television series.


So, animation for both of the shows is beautiful! If I had to choose a favorite though, it would be the French version, because the anime version is a bit odd in some cases. I mean, the characters in the anime look completely amazing, like Marinette looks so sweet and innocent, Tyki looks like a stuffed animal, (Not sure if that was the intention but I like it) and the way the characters move is a lot more fluid than the French animation, but sometimes the designs of the characters are off. For example, when Felix (Adrian) transforms into Chat Noir, the only thing that’s really wrong with him is his eyes and smile. Now in both versions his eyes are completely green, like the white parts of his eyes turn green and the irises of his eyes are blue or green, kind of hard to tell. While in the French version it’s not that odd or creepy, heck I honestly barely notice, but because in anime the eyes are extremely huge, it’s not hard to miss those huge green eyes, and they are wide. I mean, for a children’s anime the eyes look pretty wide compared to animes like Pokémon and Digimon. Another problem with Felix (Adrian) is that his smile just creeps me out! When he smiles it’s like a pedo smile and I honestly can’t handle that smile. Now moving to Marinette, I don’t really have a problem with her design. I think she’s so cute and you can see her as a love struck anime character with a good personality, but the problem for me is when she turns into Ladybug. The design of the suit is great, but it’s not the suit it’s Mari herself. She still looks like her cute innocent self when she transforms. I wouldn’t mind so much except for the fact that she is supposed to look intimidating and I get that it’s hard to be intimidating in a red jumpsuit with black polka dots, but her facial expressions and tone of voice is what makes it work in the French show. In the anime, there is no voice and her facial expressions aren’t intimidating; the only expressions are cute and calm. So I do like the French animation more than the anime. Does it also have problems? Yes, Tyki does look like a child’s happy meal toy and the motion doesn’t flow as well as it does in the anime, but the characters design are great and I just won’t be able to get over it.


Okay, last thing I’m going to talk about concerning Miraculous Ladybug, the characters. Now since, like I said before, there are no voices for the anime trailers I can’t base anything on voices for that, but I am able to base it on the characters actions in the trailer so that is exactly what I am going to do. So the anime trailers make Mari look a little more innocent then in the French version and I believe she is a lot more outgoing than Marinette in the French version. When Marinette becomes Ladybug, I do like the French version a little bit better because at least I can take it a tad more seriously than the anime version. In the French version Marinette is more serious and more focused looking, which is what makes me so interested. With the anime, like I said earlier, Marinette doesn’t really look that serious, but what does intrigue me is the atmosphere. It’s dark and gloomy and that is what gets me interested, which in my opinion is bad when your main character focuses on a girl who turns into a girl with a magic yoyo and dresses in black and red. The only time I really see her get serious is when she is rejecting Chat Noir and that’s it. Speaking of Chat Noir, he’s great! Like, pretty much the same character round about. He’s cocky and is always trying to sweep Ladybug off his feet; hilarity will always ensue when it comes to Chat Noir. Now with Felix, who I am finally getting to. The thing with him is that…………… I don’t know what I really am supposed to say; when they aren’t their alternate personality, Chat Noir, they are both completely different characters! In the anime, his name is Felix and in the French version, his name is Adrian. In both versions their background is the same; wealthy family, dead mother, neglectful father etc., they are practically similar in that sense. The only thing different about them, which is kind of major, is their personality. In the French version, Adrian is very happy, laid back, outgoing, always has a smile on his face and very willing to help others. In the anime, Felix is cold towards people and has a Dio sort of style, except without the vampirism and the wanting to murder his family. The side characters I can’t really say anything about, because they aren’t showcased in the trailer except for Hawkmoth or Gabriel Agreste, Felix (Adrian’s) father, who looks as villain like as ever. Seriously people, he is Hawkmoth! I know it’s not canon in the show, but who else could it be?! Alright, now for the characters, I like the French version. While I don’t have that much of a problem with the anime, the characters when they are their alter egos takes a back seat to the amazing dark scenery and because I am still a little unclear of Felix’s complete personality, I can’t say if I like him or not. With the French version, I do like Marinette a lot and Adrian is a pretty neat character.


Wow…………… This review is longer than I thought it would be. So anyways thanks for those who read this and…………. That is pretty much it. Bye!

~Kaela ^J^