Uta no Prince-Sama Season 4 Review

Hello! So this is my first time writing a blog for the BWHS Anime Club, so I hope that whoever reads this enjoys. I will most likely be talking about reverse harem animes because I typically watch those. Also, I like to spoil…. a lot, so if you don’t want me to spoil, then don’t read this. So I will be talking about Uta No Prince Sama season four and what my thoughts on it are so far. For those who don’t know what this anime is Uta no Prince sama, or UtaPri, is about a girl named Nanami Haruka, who went to school to become a composer because she was inspired by a singer named Hayato. She goes to school and meets a group of guys. What follows is the typical girl spends an episode with a guy and learns more about them. The boys she meets in the first season end up becoming a boy band known as Starish with Nanami as the composer. As the seasons follow two more bands come up, a rival band called Heavens and a band who were Starish’s mentors, Quartet Night. Now, in the fourth season, it follows after the events of season 3 where there is a huge singing opportunity that Starish, Quartet Night and Heavens competed in. Now, to decide the winner, there is going to be another competition and everyone is going to vote for the top band. During the time it will take until the competition date, Starish and Heavens are forced to sing in duet groups to give both of the companies more publicity.


So far, there are only five episodes of the new season out and so far, it is okay. The music, as usual, is good, and the characters are good.   Heavens is given a little time to flesh out a little, and we can see their personalities. My main problem with this new season though, is the “main character”, Nanami. Her role has shifted a little bit from the first three seasons of the show from the main character to a side character. She isn’t as important in this season as she was in the first three because she isn’t working with these boys one on one. In the first season, we get to see her be determined, strong and she always stood up for her work. We even got to see her be weak and helpless in a couple of episodes, but now you could replace her with a piece of cardboard and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Since the guys are working in pairs and with characters we haven’t seen get much screen time, the focus is more on the boys and Nanami is just there. In most of the episodes, she is barely even there; she just shows up because she has to write all of the songs for the duet groups and then she’s gone for the rest of the episode. You could say that she started to lose a little bit of character in the third season also, because the boys had to work in groups of two or three, but she was an important character when it came to the Quartet Night episodes. She helps Ranmaru during his struggle of whether or not he was going to play his bass again and she helps Ai see things in a different light because of his………… condition…….  I won’t spoil because it pisses me off, but after that, she is basically a regular reverse harem main character, not the worst but not the best either. She isn’t as bad as Yui from Diabolik Lovers…… but I’ll talk about that anime later.


The boys in this anime aren’t bad. I think that they are given the chance to flesh out their characters a little bit more than how we know them.  Hell, sometimes even the side characters once in a while and Raging Ootori, the owner of the rival company that Heavens is with. The boys from Heavens we are only now being introduced to, but from what I’ve seen so far I only like one of them and that’s Ootori Eiji. Just picture a male version of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket and you have Eiji, who also has the voice of an angel. Now the boys from Starish so far do get a little development but it feels like it’s the same thing for some. Can’t tell for sure until I completely finish the anime but hopefully the Starish boys will have more and better development. Now the boys from Quartet Night only have one episode so far in the series and it clearly benefits them when it comes to development. One of the guys in the group, Reiji (Morikubo Shoutarou), decides that all of them should start living together to create a better bond between them and the rest ensues. Camus (Maeno Tomoaki) and Ranmaru(Suzuki Tatsuhisa) start fighting, again, Ai (Aoi Shouta) kind of acts like the responsible adult and Reiji suddenly disappears. In the end, the bond between them is stronger and they learn a lesson about working in a group, something we all need to learn actually. This is good development for the guys, because in the other two seasons we really don’t see them together or anything, so this is something nice to see. Plus, Ranmaru speaks in English, which totally makes it my favorite episode so far.


Now for the music………….. It’s the most incredible thing on this planet! There have only been about four or five songs so far in the series, and they are good, some better than others, but good none the less. So far, my favorite would have to be ‘Mighty Aura’.  This song is sung by Ootori Eiji (Uchida Yuma), from Heavens, and Ichinose Tokiya (Miyano Mamoru), from Starish. Their voices are perfect with each other, and for the video they are literal angels which fits them both perfectly. The songs in all the episodes are great and I don’t have a problem with any of them, so I would listen to some if you get the chance.


Well, so that is all I have on this season of Utapri for now. I’ll probably do a complete review of this season once it ends. Make sure to check out Uta no Prince Sama, if you enjoy reverse harems, I know it’s on Kiss anime and probably on Youtube. Thanks for reading!



Ranmaru speaking English