How “Your Lie in April” got me Back into Piano

“Having a passion for something is the first step to achieving greatness “

At around 5th grade, I started to get into piano.  I had no experience whatsoever in piano besides the fact that I tinkered around my grandmothers piano for a bit.  My parents at the time didn’t have money to enroll me in lessons, and I was too young to actually try to learn.  6th grade was around the time that I really wanted to do piano, unlike in 5th where I learned the first few notes to some song and a bunch of chords.  I was mainly inspired by Animenz who blew me away in terms of how well he played, and my soon to be stepfather, who despite never being formally taught piano, was amazing at it.  I looked up Youtube videos on how to play piano and what songs to learn, and I started learning how to play piano.  First I learned Canon in D, then Radioactive, then a bunch of anime songs such as Secret Base and Sis Puella Magica. 8th grade rolled around and there were people blown away by how well I played, and even more blown away that I essentially learned by ‘ear’ (which is just a fancy way to say that I was self taught.)


But High School rolls around and I get swamped with work.  I get busy and the time with my piano slowly went away.  There was a time where piano became a null factor for me, I just didn’t have the time and motivation to play piano anymore.  At this point, there was no reason for me to play piano, I would never be as good as Animenz, my stepdad, or anyone else I looked to.

Summer comes in and I just stay at home playing League of Legends, which was fun for a while, but then it slowly got more and more boring.  I ended up playing because of habit. At the end of summer I got to go to Universal Studios with my friends, and this is when my resurgence of piano came.  On the car-ride to Universal (which was 18 hours by the way,) one of my friends told me about this anime called Your Lie in April, which was about a guy who also stopped having the passion to play piano after his mother died.


The story felt so real to me, the way the characters were written, the interaction, the story, and of course, the music.  The music in Your Lie in April was really nothing to write home about, but they played the right music at the right time and it made for an emotionally beautiful show.  The music itself was composed of Classical composers such as Chopin and  Beethoven. That got me into classical piano music where I would listen to hours of these classical composers, which got me wanting to play piano again, then when the school year started again, I was back into it.  Your Lie in April gave me a big passion to play piano again, it was so fun to press the notes and play really fast or really slow and evoke an emotional  affect on people.  I was so back into it that my parents enrolled me into piano lessons.


There is always a way to rekindle your passion for something, whether it would be an intervention or just an anime you watch, there is always a way to get back to it. Kousei reminded me of myself while I was watching the show, having a raging passion about something and then letting the fire instantly vanish, just for it to be rekindled again.

There were some terrible moments in my life; fighting for this anime club would be one example.  I was bawling my eyes out in front my parents saying that this is a club that I want to be in.  I  had tears streaming down my face in the name of this club.  Whenever I feel really depressed about something, I would go back to my piano and start playing, slowly and slowly I would come to a state of calmness.


Life is like a piano. Black keys represents sadness, white keys represents joy.  As you go through life remember that the black keys make music too.


Though that may sound cheesy, I think it’s a great quote from a great anime.  That is how anime got be back to one of my most favorite instruments of all time


-President Nico Nico Nii


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  1. In a way, it was kind of what happened with me!! I’ve always played the piano since I was 5. Then high school came along and I was like… I don’t have time to play and it’s pretty boring then around Dec 2015/ Jan 2016, I watched Your Lie in April and I WAS HOOKED!! I watched the anime at least 3 times and I was like… ‘they play better than me… I’m so jealous’ so in a way, I guess it was that envy that got me back into piano. Now, I play lots of classical pieces, like Mozart and Beethoven. I even tried to play Liebesleid but that was an epic fail!! (Chopin is hard to play 😦 but his music is really nice to listen to) Sorry, I think I kind of went on a bit… 😛


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